Monday, August 1

Some dreams don't die

I’m back in my little cubbyhole. Hurrah! First things first. Check in online. Then, while waiting for server to give me my email, see who’s been messing around with my stuff. Aha! Someone’s been using my scissors and stapler. My scissors are in the wrong compartment. My stapler has run out of staples. My pencils are dull and needs a good sharpening. My inky pens are missing and only the ballpoint ones are left. Humph! I know it’s office stationery, but if I can get mine from the store, why can’t others?

I have been dreaming of eating pasta since forever, so for today’s lunch, I tried to compensate my craving. I say ‘compensate’ and not ‘satisfy’ because there is no proper pasta place here. We only have one Malay stall selling western food encompassing the aforementioned pasta, pizza, chicken chop, fish and chips, burgers, hot dogs, and the likes. What I’ve been craving for is lunch at Fasta Pasta in Ikano. Haven’t been there for quite some time. Some people told me that they didn’t enjoy their meals there. But I’ve never been disappointed…. so far.

Since my one-week ‘forced’ holiday at home, I’ve been dying to go out. It is the mega sale season after all. But of course that’s a huge no-no from mama and hubby and everyone else for that matter. It’s not so much the shopping – after all, I don’t usually buy lots of things, only when necessary. It’s more of the looking and seeing popular fads and what’s available in our stores. I miss window shopping with my sisters. Now that I’m married, I find it hard to go window shopping. Don’t get me wrong, my hubby doesn’t mind tagging along, but it’s not the same, you know? Half the time, I’m feeling guilty because I’ve to drag him here and there. So to solve this problem, I simply refrain from going into shops. I still do sometimes, when I really cannot stop myself, or when the temptation is too great. I do hope I’ll be able to hit the shops before the sale is over.

There are quite a number of things that I would like to purchase. Some are more needs than wants, so the needs don’t really count, except in this blog.

A pair of slippers – mine got stolen by a dog
A handbag – mine’s too small to hold my bulging purse and handphone and lipstick and sweets and whatnot
A pair of pants – the last pair I bought was probably 2 years ago

Cole Haan shoes and handbag – yeah, in my dreams
Complete set of mac makeup – though I don’t really use makeup
Chanel jacket a la Gwyneth – though our hot weather doesn’t permit
Vera Wang wedding dress – although I’m already a wife
Jaeger Le-Coutre watch
Jewellery from Tiffany’s
Wedgwood, Waterford, Royal Doulton items to fill my house
Techie stuff like new handphone, PDA, iPod, Bose entertainment system, plasma screen tv, etc.

Ok, I should stop with the wants, lest I go crazy. Never knew I could sound so materialistic. Ah well, doesn’t hurt to dream.

By the by, I do hope I could get my slippers soon….


kekure said...

i felt like a berserk shopper in KLCC this afternoon after seeing so many people walking around..
so how are u doing?

mudslinger said...

hi kekure,
am feeling great. alhamdulillah.

really, you went to klcc? i miss that place. i got my slippers though yesterday night. hehe....

xig said...

Hi muddy,
Welcome back to the rat race. You missed it, didn't you, after the long lay-off. Hope you're wearing the right sprinting spikes, or is it a marathon you're in? And, other than stationery, you'd better check other items at your desk. I've seen clear evidence of my desk drawers being rummaged by unscrupulous people after a long absence from the office. I don't know what they were after. You'd have thought I kept North Korea's secret nuclear programmes in them, judging by the CIA-style mess they left behind. Needless to say, I said cheerio to that office in good time.
Talking about pizza and pasta and things Italian, I wonder if you have been anywhere where the spaghetti vengole is just magic. You see, I have been a sucker for that dish since I first tasted it at this joint called the Italian Tomato at One Utama many, many moons ago. But sadly, that place closed shop after a while (bad feng shui, they said). Since then I've been everywhere in KL to re-live that taste. But none has come close to the Italian Tomato taste. Sob sob.
Then again, I might just pop into Fasta Pasta this weekend ...

mudslinger said...

hi xig,
i checked, and nothing else seems to be missing from my desk. thank goodness. i guess people here are okay with other personal property.

i remember italian tomato! my mum loved their cakes. yeah, sadly it's no more. plus i haven't been to one utama in, like, eons.

fasta pasta might have spaghetti but i've never tried it...

kekure said...

it's my KLCC week..I went there for 3days in a row this week..Still, i always forgot where Body Shop is LOL