Wednesday, June 1

All this blabbing

Been so busy today, no time to blog. Well, the company did pay me to do my job, not to blog all day…. Feeling tired today. Mentally that is. Can’t wait to go home. In a few more days I’ll be in KB. Yeah. Cuti!

Watched Sin City yesterday. Thought it was pretty cool. Lots of blood and bits of flesh flying about. Must watch more movies. Batman lah, Fantastic Four lah, Willy Wonka lah …. All I wanna watch. How to save money like this? Sheesh….

Thinking about going to the PPS 2nd Birthday Bash. If I go, people would see me in the flesh. Malu lah…. I wonder what readers see in their minds when they see mudslinger? There were many instances when people thought that mudslinger was a male. I’ve used that name online in various sites and forums. Hehehe….

So back to my question, should I go? We’ll see….


Simon said...

guess, what? i thot you were a guy, too all this while!

mudslinger said...

dear simon,
i'm a certified female. just your regular girl.... ;)