Saturday, June 25

Self pity ain't good for ya, kid

After going through almost all blogs and pictures on the PPS 2nd Birthday Bash (PPS2BB), I would just like to say, I’m kinda glad I didn’t go. Ok, now before all PPS bloggers come and shoot me down, let me just explain my situation, and perhaps some of you might agree. Don’t call me sour grapes or anything, just hear me out.

After looking at the photos I realised a few things:
- People were chit-chatting and approaching strangers like it was easy-peasy
- People were having fun while drinking
- People were dressed to the nines
- People were laughing and flirting (?) like they would normally do when they’re clubbing

I think I will not be able to fit in. I’m so shy lah *malu*…. I can’t seem to go up to strangers and introduce myself to others and start a decent conversation. I don’t think I have anything interesting to say to people. Things that I say will probably be childish banter to all other serious bloggers out there. I don’t act my age. Though I’m 29, I act like I’m 19. Doesn’t help that I look like a teenager.

I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t dress my age. I wear a tudung. I am basically your average wallflower. Plus, even if I do go, nobody would’ve probably heard of me. They’d go, “Who’s she again?”, “Never heard of her….”

Okay, this is basically an I’m-so-pathetic-no-one-wants-to-be-my-friend entry. Now that I’ve written it down, I feel much better.

Hmmm, probably the things that I wrote above are not at all true…. Working Saturdays put me in a mumbly-jumbly mood. It has that effect on me. Moral of the story? No work on Saturdays!


Metria said...

Hmmm I am also a wallflower, but I am making the effort to change and be more sociable. As for you not acting your age, who cares? You should act the way you want to (as long as you're not hurting anyone) whether it's like a 50-yr-old grandma, or a 5-yr-old kid. I still find joy in playing hide and seek and I'm 30! :P

percolator said...

the very pretty gals are so intimidating, the air is choky with smoke, the food it seems was lousy, everybody so huggy and pally posing cosily for photos. Does it all look natural? relaxed? cosy? With so many cameras, it must be scary, you have no idea when one is pointed at you, front, back or side. You might be caught farting. How to relax? No wonder all the gals have tilted heads and colgate smiles in nearly ALL their shots. Was that fun?

irene said...

Hi :)

Don't worry, if you don't go up to strangers, strangers will come up to you. Childish banter? I had the same fear when I met Jeff Ooi, but if I were to meet "normal" people like you (yes I don't think Jeff is normal hehe) then I would be fine.

I also don't drink and don't smoke. I'm not Muslim so I don't wear a tudung, but I rarely wear anything sleeveless outside the house without covering it up with a blazer or something, so I'm not one of those ultra-hip dressers. heheh.

So you see, don't be afraid of feeling out of place... if you would be out of place, so would I :P

mudslinger said...

metria, percolator and irene,
thanks for dropping by. and for making me see things differently. and for the vote of confidence.

so maybe next year i'll make an appearance....