Monday, June 20

Batty over Batman

Watched Batman Begins on Saturday night. Well, we didn’t plan to watch Batman Begins but while we were having breakfast at KLCC, hubby had the great idea of queuing up at the cinema for tickets. Sure I said. See, there are several things that I will always agree to, but that’s gonna be a different entry altogether. Anyway, we’d been queuing for about ten minutes….

Hubby: Are you sure there’s Batman tonight? It looks like they have shows to 6.30pm only (pointing to screen)
Me: I’m sure they do. Are you sure you see 6.30? Maybe it’s 9.30.... Takkanlah a blockbuster like Batman they have so few shows....
Hubby: You go and see the screen.
Me: Ok, you wait here....

I go look at the screen and sure enough there were many shows and the latest one listed was for 6.30pm. That can’t be right.

Me: I think there are more shows at night, only that they don’t have enough space in on the screen to show all the times available.
Hubby: How do you know?
Me: I guess so. I mean, how can they not show it at night? Impossible....
Hubby: Hmm, why don’t we just forget about it?
Me: But we’re halfway there already. Please? If we get to the counter and there’s no show… well, I’m sorry. But I think there are shows tonight.

So in the end, I called my brother and told him to look it up in the papers. He confirmed that there were screenings at 8.45 and 9.30 and so we went for the one at 8.45pm. We sat in the third row, but it’s not that bad.

I must say that this is the best Batman movie of all time. Chewah, spoken like a true ‘critic’ with no background whatsoever in filming / scriptwriting / directing. But then again, it is my blog, so I’m allowed to heap praises on this Batman movie.

Christian Bale makes a great Batman. My list used to have Michael Keaton at the very top, followed by Val Kilmer, and then George Clooney who basically sucked as Batman. Now Christian Bale is up there at the top. Dare I say it? He is better than Michael Keaton.

I mostly remember Christian Bale in Little Women. Yesterday somebody reminded me that he was in Empire of the Sun. I remember watching that twice. The same person also told me that Christian Bale was in Empire of the Sun with Ben Stiller. Really? I can’t remember him…. Anyway, back to Batman, I must say that this is going to be my all-time favourite instalment of Batman. Christian’s lips, they have this look, how do I say this, sort of an upturned quality. Hmmm, that didn’t come out right. Anyway, his lips are like his predecessors. Perfect-ly Batman.

Batman…. *sigh*


dannyFoo said...


Socrates said...

Nice post I want to see Batman myself.Thanks.


kinibit said...

have you seen equilibrium? bale's in it. for some reason that movie didn't get all the attention that it deserve, but it's one hell of a movie, a bit like matrix, but different, and the action sequences are good. guys would love it.

mudslinger said...

thanks for stopping by guys....

don't you mean bat-tank?

go watch it. you won't be let down.

haven't seen it yet. will go look it up. thanks!

NiK! said...

heh heh

Cool review. Thanks for stopping by my site btw.

I liked that part u wrote about his lips as well.

Yeah Christian Bale makes quite a good Batman compared to Clooney & Kilmer 'cos of his brooding look.

Also check Bale out in Reign of Fire and American Psycho (his breakout performance).