Wednesday, June 22

Mouthful munchies

So this is gonna be yet another food entry. Just thinking about some of the funny ways that I mix and match my food. Also some other stuff that I’ve seen people eat.

Burger and fries
Okay, this is not so foreign. But I am so used to going to McD’s, order, sit down, unwrap my burger, arrange fries vertically on the meat and then re-wrapping the burger into a pocket thingy before I eat it. So every bite of burger I eat has got fries in it.

Fries and shake (or ice-cream)
Take some french fries, dip it into chocolate shake, and enjoy. Might sound disgusting, but tastes really good. Especially if the fries are hot and the shake is thick and cold. Yumm! A substitute for shake would be ice cream. Even if I ordered a float, I’d dip my fries in the ice cream.

French toast (or roti telur, but not the mamak kind)
I eat french toast with brown sugar. Sticky sweet! Usually it would be maple syrup or golden honey. But brown sugar it is for me.
But I think I’ve seen some people eat it with chilli sauce. Sedap ke?

Pisang goreng (banana fritters)
This I eat on its own, or if the bananas are the tawar kind, I eat with honey.
I’ve seen people eat this with the cili kicap thingy. I think this originated from Johor. I was at a stall one in JB and bought some pisang goreng. The kakak gave me a plastic filled with cili kicap. But I never tried it though. Sedap ke eat like this? Perhaps some Johoreans can comment.
I know of a girl from Melaka, who said she went to buy pisang goreng here in KL. After the makcik gave her the pisang goreng, she hovered at the stall, waiting for the makcik to hand her the cili kicap. To her dismay, she found that it was not a regular thing here in KL.

Crisps and bread
Ok, this one I ate when I was a kid. Not anymore, coz it’s basically plain weird. Take some potato crisps (or potato chips if you prefer American English) like Pringles and crush them. Put them onto a slice of white bread, fold the bread and shove it into your mouth. Yechh… I mean er.. yumm…

Bread and condensed milk
My brother loved this when he was a kid. Me? Yech.. So sweet mah…. Plus, I don’t like milk. I only take condensed milk in my beverages. No fresh milk either.

No milk, remember? So it’s just flakes and err… flakes? Hehehe… I eat them dry like nuts from a bowl.

Bananas and honey and chopped nuts
Take some bananas, slice them into little round pieces, roll them in honey, and then roll them in chopped nuts. Oooey gooey goodness!


5xmom said...

Tried some of those but the others do sound bleargh ya? Kicap and cili with banana? But then, one man's meat is another man's poison.

Metria said...

I like bread and condensed milk, but only if milo is sprinkled on top!