Monday, June 13

War among the Stars

What a weekend! Friday night, we went to buy tickets to Star Wars. Now before you go, "Awww, not SW again!" let me inform you that this was my second time (only?) watching it, and it was supposed to be a reunion of sorts for hubby’s Adelaide friends. But things didn’t work out as planned, so we ended up going with family instead. Watching Star Wars at midnight when you didn’t get enough sleep the day before proved to be the real challenge. I couldn’t keep my eyes open! Me! The person who revels watching movies, who loves the cinema, who adores being in the seats with popcorn in her lap. I’m so getting old! So what did I do to keep my eyes from closing? Count the number of times any SW characters was hanging on a cliff or an edge. I think this was Simon’s idea, which was written somewhere in his blog. And Simon, I think there were 5 times when either Anakin, or Obi-Wan or Yoda or Darth Sidious was hanging on the edge of something. Unless of course I fell asleep and missed other "cliff-hangers".

Saturday, we were at hubby’s parents’ house. I lazed about and was a good-for-nothing bum, as usual. Watched Astro and loads of it, as usual. So what else is new? Oh actually, come to think of it, I did the laundry. Lots of it. The trip to Kelantan remember? How two people can have so many clothes to wash still baffles me.

I forgot to bring my book Life of Pi. So I rummaged in SIL’s room and found Sophie Kinsella’s Can You Keep A Secret? and began reading that. Big mistake. I got through the first few chapters and forgot to borrow the book home. I’ve gone against my rule of "No reading of other books while reading a book". Get it? Yeah, that’s me, screwed up. So I’ve barely touched Life of Pi and now can’t get the Kinsella book out of my mind. Ugghhh.

Sunday was the day that broke the record of me getting up late. I got up at 11. Eleven mind you! Had I been with my mum, she would’ve had a fit. Nobody sleeps past eight under her roof. Yup, eight a.m. is the latest that we can sleep in. No matter whatever time we slept the night before, and if we complained, she would say something like, "Well who asked you to stay up till so late at night?" Mothers. You just gotta love them.

So waking up at eleven was weird for me. My mealtimes were awry. Breakfast was lunch, and lunch was tea. And when my meals were screwed up, I got screwed up as well. Heh, food again. My blog is never without talk of eating.

Eh, I’m hungry lah. Gotta cut this entry short. Gonna look for some munchies.

Till tomorrow.

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