Friday, June 10

To the moon and back

I’m baaaack! After a while of being away from work, I realised that I missed it. Well, not really…. I miss blogging. Have been quite busy today, trying to catch up and all. Went to PPS and saw the contests and the list of people going for the birthday bash. Still don’t know if I can go. Would love to anyway.

Was in Kelantan for a cousin’s wedding. Got my fill of nasi dagang every morning. Had nasi kapit as well. Or more known as nasi himpit and kuah kacang. Yummm. And had loads of keropok lekor. This one was specially bought in Terengganu. Went to Besut to be more exact, as the bride was from Besut. Food is all I talk about! Hahaha! Also had loads of beef curry, and there was also mutton, and limpa and perut. Didn’t eat perut though. Always gave me the creeps. Anyways, internal organs aren’t good for our health.

Still have loads of work to do.
Am glad to be back.
Can’t wait to watch Fantastic Four - heh heh, how I digress….

To all the people who read my blog, I will be back here blogging as usual on Monday. And in the spirit of PPS’s guessing competitions, I guess all in all about 5 people read my blog. Heh!

Have a great weekend everyone!
Much love….

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