Friday, June 3

Stranger things have happened

Paris + Paris = Paris?!?
The other day I read that Paris Hilton has accepted the proposal of Paris Latsis, a Greek shipping heir. It’s a really weird twist when one blonde Paris can find another blonde-ish equally rich (or perhaps richer) male version also called Paris. And to make matters worse, and more confusing, when (or if) they have kids, she-Paris wants to name the kids…. Paris and London!

If they do get married, what name will she adopt? Will she also make matters worse by jumping from Paris Hilton to becoming Paris Latsis? So what, both of them will be Paris Latsis? Or maybe she’ll save us the confusion and just be Paris Hilton. Or Maybe Paris Hilton-Latsis. Whatever….

Oh btw, I saw the Paris ad.
Yup, the "That’s hot" ad.
The very-wet-Paris-washing-the-Bentley ad.
What can I say. Go watch it at

Crossed lines
My hubby went through a really funny incident yesterday. Well, to me it’s funny. He was going to Seremban, and on the way, was supposed to pick up his superior. So he wrote me an sms and said something in the lines of "I love you sayang, you take care". And guess what? He accidentally sent it to his superior! It was mortifying for him of course. He immediately called his superior and the guy answered "Hi sayang…." And laughed out loud. It was worse for him cause he received the teasing all the way to Seremban and back. Well hubby, next time, check the names properly. My name is the one below your boss’ name.

Parting words
I will be going back to Kelantan tomorrow night. So I won’t be blogging for a while. I’ll be back next Friday though. That’s a whole lotta blogging entries gone. Ah well….


Simon said...

yep. saw the ad. how on earth did the burger ppl thought they could get the censors?

mudslinger said...

sure got them the publicity though.... i read that the site crashed when people rushed to view the ad.

Simon said...

i saw paris' nook in kino tat day... too bad it wuz shrinkwrapped...