Friday, June 17

Far from the Madagascar-ing crowd

Let’s get straight to the point. Dreamworks’ latest offering, Madagascar? Not that great. I expected more from these people. I mean, the premise was promising. The animation was appealing. But the laughs? Well, there were funny moments, but they were not your laugh-out-loud-till-your-sides-ache funny. More like heh-heh and the occasional five-syllabic laughs funny. So it was a bit of a letdown. *Yawn* Next! Come one Dreamworks! Live up to your name!

In my personal files, the funniest animated piece is Finding Nemo, followed by Monsters, Inc. Have a bad day, watch either one. You’ll feel a lot better.

Can’t write much today. Gotta do some stuff. And look at my neopet.
So will continue on Monday.

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