Tuesday, June 28

Busy body at work

I missed an entry yesterday coz I was so busy. Had no time to even check my email. Was kinda stressed out after the whole ordeal was over.

You know you’ve been busy when….

- You have a tummy ache coz you missed breakfast (and lunch, and tea)
- You go home only to forgo dinner and go straight to sleep instead
- You have the same person calling you 5 times in one afternoon, coz you have not returned any of her calls (even after promising to do so many times)
- You find a funny smell at your cubicle and discover last Tuesday’s chicken sandwich gone bad in your drawer
- You have three unwashed coffee mugs on your desk coz you’re too busy to wash up
- You look at the calendar and realise it’s already June when you think it’s still May
- You try to get away wearing the same pants for three days in a row coz you have no time to do laundry
- Your hubby calls and you put him on hold, and fifteen minutes later realise that the receiver is still on your desk (sure kena marah big time)
- You don’t even realise that it’s payday and you’re still walking around with RM2 in your purse
- You forget your blogger / PPS username and password

1 comment:

autumnmusic said...

i'm not busy, yet i find myself doing some of the stuff u mentioned all the time, hehe.