Thursday, June 2

My galactic recipe book

Kuih from outer space
This morning I had breakie with hubby. We went to one of the cafeterias at my workplace. Both hubby and I took this kuih. At first glance, it looked harmless enough. It was your ordinary spring roll. You know the type, one of those fried popiah thingy. So I took a bite and hubby asked what the filling was. And that’s when I thought it a bit funny. Already the thing was so oily, I had to us two serviettes to take out the oil. And then I discovered why it menyerap too much oil. The filling was pulut. Glutinous rice. Pulut! Was this some kind of traditional kuih that I never knew existed? Or what it some new-fangled cyber-era kuih? Has anyone tried this kind of kuih before, I wonder? But it was tasty. Really good.

Ok, this is gonna be a short one. I’ve got filing to do. I hate to see them papers all stacked on my tray. You know how it is….



ah pink said...

That's new. The closet I got to was freid grasshoppers and scorpions from Bangkok. Hmm.

mudslinger said...

i've seen those sold everywhere at the tepi jalan in bangkok. were they good? i'd never eat them though.