Tuesday, May 31

Stuffing potatoes with cheese

One slice, two slices over the fence
I nearly dozed off to sleep at my desk a while ago. I blame those pizzas we had for lunch. Ugghhh, so sleepy. Luckily nobody saw me. It would have been dreadful. I nearly dropped the book I was reading. Ok more awake now.

I booked two tickets to watch Kingdom of Heaven tonight, coz I wanted to claim my free birthday treat movie ticket. But now I feel tired and sleepy. I don’t think braving the evening traffic jam would be worth a free movie ticket…. Or would it?

I know I said I just had pizza for lunch. But now it’s 4.15 and I’m shovelling coleslaw into my mouth. Yummm….

Report is nearly done sir!
Okay, so I finally started on my report thingy that I have to submit by the end of June. I must say I’m proud of myself for being able to almost complete the report. It’s about 850 words now but then again it’s not a race to see who can come up with the most words. Kinda reminds me of school.

I remember learning to write a summary. At first glance, 100 words seem such a huge daunting number. Then we were taught to draw 10x10 boxes on our rough paper. Fill up each box with a word and in the end we’ll have our 100-word summary. Looking at the boxes, 100 words suddenly looked so brief. Those were the days.

Balik Kelate
On another note, I’ll be going to Kelantan this Saturday. My hubby’s cousin is getting hitched. Well, actually they’ve already gone through the akad and everything. It’s just that the kenduri can only be held during the school holidays. So Saturday night I’ll be flying with my two sisters-in-law and hubby will drive. And then I’ll be back next Wednesday. But I can only blog on Friday when I come back to work. Might as well have taken Friday off, as next Saturday will be another holiday. Ah well…. That’s already a long holiday for me.

I hope this time I’ll be able to go to the pasar and buy stuff. Hear that hubby? You’d better take me shopping this time….


Simon said...

aah... balik kelate... fried sotong balls, fried ikan kurau, keropok lekor... mmm...

mudslinger said...

and the sotong bakar.... mmm,i can almost smell it now.

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