Wednesday, May 11

The building that is me

Truth is stranger than fiction.

Well, not exactly stranger, but probably weirder, and full of funny coincidences and contradictions. Consider the following:

I have a mother and a father, and a stepfather and a stepmother. I have one brother (same mum same dad), two sisters (same mum different dad), and one brother sister pair (same dad different mum).

I hate all vege that starts with the letter ‘C’ – cucumber, cauliflower, cabbage, carrots, but I love coleslaw (cabbage + carrots).

I was the only kid in our standard six class who had never been to the museum (so meng-embarassing-kan).

In school, I used to speak Malay like a Chinese speaking Malay (and I’m a melayu, malunye).

I have no gallbladder and no spleen.

My husband and I have names that begin with the same letter.

Our mothers were both born on the 2nd of July.

My great-grandparents were bestowed the titles Sir and Lady respectively.

After 28 years of age, I finally tried eating a manggis last year.

Full of contradictions, I am.

After all, I’m a work in progress….

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