Monday, May 30

Lament of the non-gemuk

Spent the weekend at mama and papa’s. Sunday morning hubby and I went for breakfast at my all-time favourite breakfast spot – McDonald’s! The two of us will always order the same thing, hubby will eat the Big Breakfast and I’ll have the Sausage McMuffin. I also had the apple pie. And then for lunch we had teppanyaki. Yummm…. If you’re familiar with my posts, you’ll know that food is constantly on my mind. I’m always thinking about what’s for breakfast, lunch, dinner (whatever the case may be). Even as I type, right now, I’m munching on kerepek pisang. Hmmm, a hot teh tarik would definitely complete my afternoon tea. Nasib baik, I susah put on weight. With the constant munching and lots of sugary carbonated drinks (I know, I know, they’re bad for me) I should be a bloated blimp but I’m not. Tough for me to put on weight.

Once when I was on my routine medical check-ups, my doctor told me I was a bit underweight. So he gave me some advice:

Dr: You should take more food to fatten you up.
M: But I do eat a lot.
Dr: Why don’t you take more chocolates…. (small laugh)
M: I don’t really like chocolates.
Dr: Ok, why not eat things like chocolate or cheese cakes?
M: I don’t really like chocolate cake. Or cheese cake, or any other cake for that matter.
Dr: Ice cream perhaps?
M: I’m not that into ice cream.
Dr: Hmmm, what a strange girl you are…. Most women would love to get this kind of advice.

See, I’m strange. The most I can eat of a cake is one small slice. Chocs? I don’t go looking for them. Even if I do get a craving (which is probably like once a year), one small bar is more than enough to satisfy me. Ice cream, if somebody scoops it for me, then I’ll probably have some. This is coz I’m just plain lazy – heh. And the most that I can eat? One huge scoop or two small scoops. That’s it. Nothing more. How to gemuk like that?

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