Friday, May 13

Makan and star-gazing

Yesterday turned out to be a good day after all. We went to MidValley after work, and got our tickets. There were some crummy seats left. It was either right in front, or at the far side or at the back (twin-seats). Hubby got the twin seats. So we’re going to see Star Wars on the 20th. Yay!

We went to MPH and hubby bought me a book. Another yay! Great birthday gift. I love books. I’m just running out of places to store them. I got the Life of Pi. Anyone read that yet? Is it Pi like in pi (3.142) or like in pee? Haven’t read it yet, though. Have to finish Empress Orchid first. So far it’s ok.

Had the most scrumptious dinner yesterday. We went to Manhattan Fish Market and had the platter for two. Yumm-myyyy.. The prawns were so sedap. Was so full I could barely get out of my seat. Oh I saw the singer Fazley at the restaurant. He was with his family. Looked nice with his hair long. Hubby said, "If you were to fall in love again, I wouldn’t mind if it were Fazley, coz I think he looks good with long hair." Wha?!? I mean… you okay hubby? You’d better be joking.

Maybe today we’ll go to Ikea. Have to get another wedding present.

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Kotak Kasut said...

Better not fall in love with that Fazley guy huh..

Your hubby...