Tuesday, May 17

The young and the blended

My eyes are killing me. I‘ve been checking students’ transcripts since morning and now I feel nauseous. I can feel an ache creeping at the back of my neck. I mean, the printing is so small and I have to go through each subject to determine whether or not they get to graduate. Thought I’d take a break and blog for a while.

I remember my uni days. Compare that to what my sis is going through now, I can see a major difference. When I was doing my matriculation, we didn’t have cell phones. I only got a phone when I was in my first year. But now, even kids in schools have phones. I used to think that being a uni student, I was all grown up and matured. But when I look at my sis now, I still think of her as a lil girl. And they are all so naïve, these uni students. Back then when I graduated I thought I knew all there is to know and was ready to start the working world. Now when I see the graduates who join our company, I can’t help but look at them like budak sekolah still. Maybe it’s just me…. Or did others see me the same way back then?

Short blog. Gotta get my brains back to the blender… err….Nose to the grinding wheel…or is it emm…. Neck on the chopping board? Whatever….

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