Wednesday, May 4

Twisting Oliver's View Askew

Never fails to happen. There I go tip-tapping on my PC and the whole thing gives up on me. Sheesh. So much for technology. It’s Wednesday. I missed an entry yesterday and Monday and Sunday. Monday was a public holiday.

We were at mama’s and us four girls (minus kak) decided to watch tv. So we watched Oliver’s Twist and drooled over the popsicle that Jamie Oliver was making for his daughter, Poppy. Ilyana got it down pat when she commented that the people who watch Jamie’s shows don’t cook, and the people who cook don’t watch his shows.

Since it was lazy Monday, which was fitting for a Labour Day holiday, we continued watching tv and switched to a Malay film, "just for laughs" said Anick. The said film directed by a certain Datuk certainly provided us lots of laughter. We were hysterical watching the stilted acting and unrealistic dialogue as well as the implausible storyline. Seriously….
What do the so-called critics see in these films? Often giving reviews like lakonan yang berkesan, jalan cerita yang menarik, dapat memukau penonton and other BS.
We should give a chance to new directors and film makers to give us something that’s not so run-of-the-mill, something original, creative, enlightening. And folks, let’s try watching other films rather than the usual "box-office" hits directed by the likes of Datuks and Prof Madyas.
Even Jamie Oliver’s half-hour cooking show has more substance….


red said...

thing is, it's them movies by them 'datuks' and 'professors' (them too?) are actually garnering the crowds...are we idjuts or what?

thanks for stopping by...

red said...
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