Thursday, May 5

Watching the sheep cross borders

The safest pedestrian crossing ever…. Or is it?
While on our way to work this morning, we stopped at a certain cross-junction. This particular junction is really odd. You know when you come to a junction, there are green lights and red lights for certain lanes, and there are also the pedestrian crossings with the green man walking? Well, at this particular junction, there is one point in time when all lanes get the red lights and the pedestrians can cross. So what’s odd about that, right? Well, for one, all cars have to stop and look at each other wondering what’s happening and why everyone’s stopping. And another thing, the pedestrians who were supposed to cross? Well, they’re non-existent! The simple reason? This is Cyberjaya! No one walks from home to office. So all of us will wait and stare at each other like idiots for about 20 seconds before the lights go green again.

To sleep and perchance to dream….
Yesterday night we went to buy a bed for mama in Ikea, and as we walked through the store, we saw people dressed in pyjamas. Then I realised that Ikea was having its sleepover party. Hmmm, wonder how that went. Looked really interesting. Which I was part of that. I remember the ad in the papers stating that registration was on a workday, so that was already a no-no. All the same, it looked like marvellous fun.

Borderline case of schizophrenia
I heard that Borders has opened its doors in Berjaya Times Square. Man, when can I go? I know there’ll be another one at The Curve. I need to go. I haven’t been to a bookstore in ages. Last time was Kino KLCC I think. Or was it MPH? Such a long time ago. And that’s a shame. I love the smell of bookstores, the scent of books, the feel of new pages, and the promise of a good story between the covers. I love them…*sigh* which is why I have to go this weekend. I have to, I have to, I have to.

Hubby…. Sayang… can we go? Please? Please say yes….

Nak pegi jugak.

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