Monday, May 9

The mudslinger sometimes hides truths

Crossing all borders
Yes! I finally went to Borders last Saturday. Hubby and I got there at about 10am, and then we split up and roamed the super-store. I was so busy looking at so many many many books and stuff, and realised I was suddenly hungry. Looked at my watch, and yikes, it was already 1pm! Time sure flies when you’re in a bookstore.

Ever felt like you had so many books to see and buy, and once you reach the bookstore, you forget the title of every single book on your list? So whaddaya do? Write it down, and sure enough, when you go to the bookstore next, you forget where you put that damn list!

Then we had to stop for lunch. Well, I had lunch alone as hubby was still fasting and I unfortunately was too hungry and cannot wait to get home to eat. So I had chicken rice and he bought some DVDs. We went back to Borders to continue our gallivanting. And we bought mama a book for Mother’s Day. All in all, I’d say it was a pretty good outing.

Watched The Apprentice yester-night. Hmmm, promising. However, looking at all the contestants, I can’t say I like any one of them. But then again, we should never judge a blog by its title.

Why you frontin' biatch?

Oh, I did buy a book. After going round and round and restraining myself to just one purchase, I finally chose something called Empress Orchid. Haven’t started on it yet. Still reading something else… What, I hear you ask? It’s Virginia Andrew’s Willow. There I said it. You happy now?!?

In which movie was this line (or something to its effect) said?

Fate, it seems, is never without a sense of irony....


sashi said...

The Matrix!

mudslinger said...

Yeah! Sashi is correct!