Saturday, May 14

Walk up the garden path

My bad: I’m watching Star Wars on the 19th, not the 20th as said in the previous post. Okay, enough about SW.

Yesterday we went traipsing in Ikea. Fun fun fun! Ikea has a knack for making me want things which I would never have wanted otherwise. Like suddenly I wanted a big potted plant. Or a small cut bamboo with mushy crystal jelly in a vase. Or a bright blue watering can. Or those brown deco thingies you hang in your garden. Semua tengok semua nak. What’s with me? I seem to have no power of restraining myself….

Today it’s a work Saturday. Boring! We are all in the office, but work is the last thing on our minds. The boss has gone to Melaka to meet the bigger boss, and all of us are using this time to go around yapping and laughing and playing games and blogging (ehmm, that would be me).

But today the blog is short, coz I wanna visit my
neopet. I know you’re rolling your eyes, and going, Get a life girl….

All the same, wish everyone a great weekend!
And hubby, go fill up your kotak kasut….

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