Tuesday, May 24

Joyously joyful

The joy of coming back to work (yeah, right!)
Penat ah… (déjà vu). Had a great four-day holiday, so this morning was very reluctant to come back to work. Watched Star Wars and had fun praising and kutuk-ing the movie after that. Spent the weekend at in-laws place and watched more tv. Man, nasib baik I have no Astro at home, or else I‘ll be watching tv all the time. But then again, no Astro tak bestlah. Looks like Astro will have to wait when hubby and I move to our own house. And that would be in about one and a half years from now. Anyway, got loads of work done today, am quite proud of myself.

The joy of having a phoneline
Hubby went to the TM outlet to enquire our status for our fixed line. And then they said, Oh yeah, your phone can now be installed. Looks like it should’ve been installed some time ago. Really? You don’t say?? So if hubby didn’t go to check on them, does it mean that we’ll still be waiting for our phone line? Yeah, probably waiting until the cows come home.

The joy of laughing out loud
I finally finished my book, Empress Orchid by Anchee Min. I liked it and will probably look up her other written works. Can’t wait to read Life of Pi. On the topic of books, hubby and I went to Borders on Saturday. While he was busy looking at his e-biz books, I grabbed a copy of Baby Blues. I really love this comic and all its characters. They’re just like you and me. You have Wanda, the stay-at-home mum who is always busy with her kids that she never has time for herself. Then there’s Darryl the hubby who works and doesn’t help out (until Wanda screams for it that is). Zoe the big sister who’s a bully when playing with her brother, and Hammie the baby boy. Well, he’s no longer the baby as Wanda and Darryl have another kid. Can’t remember the kid’s name now…. Anyway, I was reading and couldn’t control my laughter so I laughed out loud. People ignored me (I think), but my hubby wanted to know what was so funny. So we shared some comic strips in between us.

Eh sleepy lah…. And hungry…. Wonder what’s for dinner….

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