Saturday, May 28


It’s a Saturday and I’m so happy. Stuck at work and I’m so happy. Going for lunch with mama and bro and I’m so happy. Did I mention I’m so happy?

Looking around me, I realise that there are many things that I should be grateful for. Things that I sometimes take for granted. I guess that’s adat manusia. When you’re having the time of your life, you forget to thank the Almighty. When you’re content with that you have, you think of all the moments when you’ve toiled and worked really hard to achieve all that you have. You forget that it is by His will that you are what you are today. You forget Him, as it was all you, you, you.

But when things aren’t so great, you blame fate. When you are suddenly struck with disaster or fall ill, you suddenly remember Him and ask for help. When there is no one else who can help you, you finally turn to Him and beg for His guidance and mercy. Why is that? Why is it that we humans tend to forget Him so easily and yet, when we are troubled, without missing a beat we turn to Him for help? How ungrateful of us, mere human beings to conveniently forget and then just as conveniently seek Him whenever we please.

I am humbled and ashamed….


Simon said...

you are right, there, my friend.

mjey said...

Yes you are right....been there seen it and felt it! Learnt my lesson..but sometimes I still fail to realise that I make the same mistake all over again.

It all started with adam & eve...and it continues...

If we only learn to listen, learn,praise the almighty and be gratefull at all times....this world would be a better place..will we chance?