Wednesday, May 25

Fakin' it

We here at this establishment are required to submit a written piece on our experiences or knowledge gained while working here in order to form a network for knowledge sharing and a knowledge management system. This written piece is to be submitted by end of June and will make up part of our assessment. Meaning that we will be graded and whatever grade we get will determine how much increment we will get. So what do I write? I’m at a lost for topics and have not been able to come up with anything so far. Zilch, nada, zero. After an hour of staring into space, I was suddenly hit.

How to look busy when you’re absolutely free at work
* Spread papers all over the place
* Open files or big fat folders and place them haphazardly on your desk
* Leave a half-empty coffee mug on desk – shows that you had no time to have a decent break
* Complain loudly that you’re feeling stressed as you have too much work
* Type furiously on your keyboard – even though you might just be blogging
* Have one word document open on your PC, preferably with a half typed article on it, in case you’re surfing – you can easily jump from one window to the next should the need arises
* Sit thoughtfully at your desk and come up with inane lists like this one and look like you’re brainstorming for your report


ah pink said...

You forgot swearing profusely while on the phone, so nobody would dare come near to give you more work. LOL

5xmom said...

Whoa, I just discovered a great blog. I like 'thinking' blog. Going to lurk around, coffee please.

mudslinger said...

ah pink and 5xmom - thanks for stopping by.

also, don't forget walking around the office while sporting a frown on face. hehehe

mjey said...

Hey there,

Just browsed through your blog. Pretty nice I must say.

By the way - I get to do the "fakin" bit alot in the office myself. There are times - I do my monthly personal budget over over again on my note pad...looking busy!

mudslinger said...

thanks for stopping by and for leaving a comment. really appreciate it. glad you like my blog.