Tuesday, August 9

Dontch understand?

Some things which I don’t (or don’t want to) understand….

In a shoe shop, when ladies pick up shoes on display, plunk it to the floor and fit their feet into the shoes/sandals/slides/mules. Even though they know it’s not their size and thus cannot fit them properly.

Waiting for the lift, some dude presses the up button AND the down button. Even though he only wants to go up. And he presses them many times although the button is lit. Will pressing the button many times make the lift come faster?

In an elevator, everyone stands quietly while looking up at the display numbers, silently counting in their heads, “5, 4, 3,…” Do we have to whisper in the elevator? Is talking forbidden?

Food courts with the coupon system. What gives? I don’t want to get five coupons for one meal. Plus the going back and forth to three different counters to get my coupons paid and stamped and printed and whatever else I have to do tires me out. If it’s a problem with money handling, well, install security cameras or something. Other places can do it, why can’t you?

Opening the exit doors at Ikea and thus sounding the alarm. Okay, maybe some kid did it, but where’s the parent or guardian? I have been to Ikea where the alarm went off 6 times! We Malaysians really have itchy fingers because when something says “don’t” or “do not” we must do the exact opposite.

Bringing children to the hospital while visiting the sick. If you’re not a close relative, and your kids are like Lynette Scavo’s in Desperate Housewives, please refrain from bringing them to visit the sick. They will only make the sick worse. I assure you.

Getting a phone call from someone and the person doesn’t identify himself. Who are you to know who’s calling? As if you only have three friends in this world….

Getting a new book/novel and flipping it to the last few pages to read the ending. Oh, sacrilegious! Why bother then? Read from the first page! That’s why they have numbered pages. That’s why there’s a story.

I really tak faham….


pb said...

some things are just too bizzare to make heads or tails over.

re. lifts, i suppose in an enclosed space, people are conscious of speaking too loudly. it does echo.

and semi-anon phonecalls...aah...it just gets on my nerves. specially more so, when we ask "may i know who is speaking" and they answer, "oh, im his (bro) friend". is it so hard for people to actually say who they are??

mudslinger said...

i know what you mean.

m: may i know who's on the line?
x: his friend....

as if an enemy would call....