Tuesday, August 16

You sneaky little thing you!

My gums hurt. They’ve been hurting since Friday evening. And today I’ve finally been liberated. Free from the throbbing ache. Actually, what’s been hurting is somewhere near my wisdom tooth at the bottom right. The tooth is partly hidden underneath. What does that mean? I’ve yet to gain wisdom? Haha!

Anyway, the pain started on Friday afternoon. I was at home, eating a slice of Domino’s pizza. As usual I put on the pepper/chili powder on my slice before munching on it. Halfway through, a sharp pain jabbed my (I thought) tooth. I guessed something was stuck between my teeth. So I went on eating and thought nothing of it. That night, I had minor pain and tried to see what’s in between my teeth. After brushing, and picking I still couldn’t see anything. Next day, pain wasn’t there, so I thought I was ok. Then it hurt whenever I ate. So I surmised that there might be something in my gums, but could it be? Couldn’t find anything. That uncomfortable thing bothered me so much, I kept playing at it with my tongue, trying to feel what was there. I know it sounds gross, but it’s like having a piece of meat or veggie stuck between your teeth and there’s no floss in sight. So that’s what happened. The pain got really bad yesterday morning. I was damn sure there was something stuck in there, in my gums I mean. And I couldn’t do anything about it.
It swelled up and at the slightest touch sent a shot right through my brains!
It also bled due to my constant poking and investigating.

This morning, as soon as I got up, I felt it again with my tongue. I was right! There was something there, because I felt a rough edge of something foreign. I went to the bathroom and tried to feel it again with my tongue. Something moved in there! I opened my mouth and sure enough, there was this brownish thing poking through my gums. I cautiously moved it again with my tongue and lo and behold, it came loose. I took it out of my mouth and guess what it was? The thing that was causing that huge amount of pain was a biji cili! A small little insignificant chili seed! Who would’ve thought that little teeny SOB could jab through and hide in my gums? The relief I felt after it came out, oh, no words can describe. Thank the Almighty for alleviating my pain.

The next question is, will I go on eating my pizza with the chili powder?
You bet I will.


Simon said...

ouch... that was painful even reading it...

xig said...

Be thankful it wasn't a recalcitrant wisdom tooth. When I had mine take out, it needed two burly dental assistants to hold me in the seat and stop me from leaping into the air. Oucchhh !!!

Anonymous said...
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mudslinger said...

simon - yeah, writing it, i sorta re-experienced the whole thing. ewww.

xig - you're right. if it had been my wisdom tooth, i'd probably disappear from blogging and go and hide somewhere. i'm scared of the dentist.

kekure said...

am scared to go the dentist too after a very horrific incident with the dentist..plz refer to my blog..it's too scary to be remembered :)