Wednesday, August 10

Haze holiday

Just got an email from our President.

I quote:

This is to inform that I am declaring the Cyberjaya Campus to be closed for two days (11th & 12th August 2005) because of the worsening haze condition. The API index is now 197, 3 points below the critical level. The unhealthy level is 100-200. Above 200 is critical. All staff and students are hereby given leave for the 2 days.

Hurray! Fantastic! Finally some proper action is taken by our management.

Ta-taa to all. I’ll (hopefully) be back by Monday!


Fashionasia said...

so shiok!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also want!!!!

xig said...

Hahahaha asia!! I osso join u mehhh. I tink I shift office to Cyberjaya. Then I slowly, slowly burn the peat there. Give muddy here more holidays. After dat, whole Malaysia osso cannot live. Then we all migrate to Tahiti. No peat there. :))
What say u, muddy?

mudslinger said...

fashionasia and xig,
haha! tahiti sounds good.... but nothing can beat malaysia, haze and all.... where else can we get teh tarik at 3 in the morning?

xig said...

You're right. Tough decision. But between 3 a.m. teh tarik and bum-grinding hula girls in grass skirts, the latter win skirts down, the incorrigible MCP that I am.
Now, do I need a visa to Tahiti?