Monday, August 15


Congratulations to my sister-in-law and her hubby for their very beautiful baby girl! Born on the 13th of August, the bundle of joy was the only thing on our minds the whole weekend. We all turned to mush cooing at the baby. I betcha when the baby comes home from the hospital, all eyes will be on her. I foresee that she will be the centre of attention for quite a while now. I’m sure we will al be very happy just to stare at her while she sleeps the whole time. *sigh* Babies are just too adorable for words.

Had fun watching tv while away from work (haze remember?) Watched all kinds of shows on Astro, until I seriously got sick of everything. But then when I came back to work today couldn’t help but wish I were back at home, doing nothing but watch Astro. Heh, we’re never satisfied are we?

Speaking of which, I am really tired of the ads promoting AF on Astro. I mean, enough already. It’s gone. You have your winner. You even have a special channel dedicated to run AF over and over again, so leave the other channels alone! Eeee, cukuplah AF. Nak termuntah dah….

Excuse me while I go puke….


kekure said...

Welcome back to work!i went out for my lunch on sunday..kakak kedai suddenly switched the channel..Imbasan AF for god sake..tak tahan betol!lost my appetite LOL

mudslinger said...

hahaha! imbasan, and re-runs, and VCDs for sale.... really making a lot of money. don't think they'll stop anytime soon though.