Wednesday, August 24

So you want to be a cobbler....

I had trouble with my shoes today. I was wearing my black pair of shoes that I haven’t worn for quite some time now. It’s a plain pair of pumps, a pair of open-toe slingbacks. The design was such that the shoes were open at one side and the leather slings go around my ankles. This morning I complained that the slings were slipping off. Of course they were slipping, my ankles were too thin! I have really got to put on some weight.

I couldn’t walk with the shoes, so it was time for some macgyver-ing. I had to make another set of holes for the buckle to go through, in order to make the slings tighter around my ankles. Being the non-cobbler that I was I had to look at what was available in my little cubicle. First I used a drawing pin to make tiny holes. Then I had to find something bigger as pinpricks were simply not big enough. So I moved onto a re-shaped paper clip. Okay, so far so good. Next, something even bigger still. Hmmm, a pen might do the trick. So I took the pen and placed it on the leather bit. I made sure an eraser was underneath it as I didn’t want to make any holes or marks on my nice clean table now did I? Pen poised, I needed something to use as a hammer. What else was there? Oh this will do. I picked up the puncher and hammered it onto the top of the ballpoint pen, which went through the leather strip and straight into the eraser underneath. Ta-daa! Hole was made successfully.

So next time you need to make holes into leather slings, (yeah, right!) you know what to do!

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