Tuesday, August 23

Recipe for rumour squash

A little rumour is a bad thing. To me anyway. Case in point: I am an executive in this faculty. Also under this faculty is another small unit, oh of about 4/5 people. So the guy in charged of this small unit will be leaving soon. And so they need someone to take over right? Naturally, it is the duty of the HR to find a replacement for this person. He did give his resignation some time ago, thus giving HR ample time to find a replacement. Alas, in this very institution, the HR moves at its own pace. They might not be able to find a replacement in time. So the most obvious solution (and cheapest) would be to send someone from this faculty to oversee the work done in this unit. Oversee meaning ‘learn what needs to be done and do it till (and if) we find a replacement’. And the task has befallen none other than yours truly.

Naturally, this piece of news was kept confidential except to the 4/5 people in the said unit. And of course the secretary of my superior, who also happens to be a spouse to someone from that unit. Confusing enough? Brace yourselves, there’s more. When my superior gave me this piece of startling news, I was numb, literally numb for a few moments. Of course, he has been kind enough to say that the whole thing is temporary, and I only need to fill in the space in between the old guy and the new person who will be coming, who I might add, has not even been identified.

Okay, fair enough. It comes with the territory, this job of mine. I understand. I convinced myself that it would be another opportunity for me to learn new things, new skills and tasks, and new responsibilities. It will be a rewarding and enriching experience. It will add to my resume. It will contribute towards my credibility in this ever-ongoing, never-relenting race up the proverbial ladder of success. Yeah, who was I kidding?!?

What amazes me in this very situation is how this piece of confidential news has traveled through the cables and found its way all the other side of the university. People come to me and say, “Hey, I heard you’ve been transferred to so-and-so unit.” Run that by me again? Transferred? Hello? I do not want the reputation of the staff who is always transferred. Well, not with all the negative connotations that it carries in this place anyway. And when I ask them from where they heard this, they would say, “Oh I just heard form some people. Adalah….” This makes me want to punch their faces. Right on the smackers. If you want to tell me something, or ask me something, don't hide behind “some people” or “adalah”. Have some spunk. Or else just shut your bloody gob!


kekure said...

Grapevine..not to be tasted but to be heard LOL..hang in there sista..

mudslinger said...

how true, kekure. thanks for the support!