Thursday, August 18

I've got a golden ticket

Charlie, Charlie… yeah, I’m gonna go watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (CCF) tomorrow night. Yesterday morning, I reserved two tickets online to watch it at TGV Once Utama (OU) on Friday night. I tried all the GSC’s – well, the ones that I like anyway – and they were all fully booked. Even the 11pm shows. I’d really wanted to try out the new GSC in OU. So I had to make do with the older TGV OU. Quite disappointing. Then, yesterday evening, hubby said he needed to go see his site in Bandar Utama. So after that, we stopped at GSC OU and tried to get tickets for tomorrow night. And guess what? They still had tickets. So yeah, tomorrow we’ll be going to watch CCF at GSC OU at about 9pm.

Which reminds me, I have a reservation at TGV OU at 9.00 tomorrow night, and the seats are not bad either – J9 and J10. If anyone is interested to watch, you can have my reserved tickets. Give me a holler and I’ll give you the reservation numbers. I think it would be difficult to get tickets for tomorrow night, if you’re thinking of going.

Can’t wait to see Charlie. I love that kid Freddie. He was in Finding Neverland, also with Johnny Depp. He’s just adorable. Anyway, I couldn’t find the Roald Dahl book at home, since all our books are in boxes in the storeroom. So I watched the DVD (again) of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. It’s the 1971 (I think) edition with Gene Wilder as WW. Looks pretty lame. I’m sure in 1971 it looked fantastic. And I’m sure I’ll never want to watch it again after tomorrow night. Johnny Depp is just so…. *drool drool* *sigh*….

Back to work now…. *heavy sigh*….

Oh, recap: if you need reserved tickets, just holler aight….


NickTay said...

wah!! have fun!

mudslinger said...

thanks! i will.