Wednesday, August 17

Stationary, not!

Today I drove to work. That’s a big achievement. I haven’t been driving since the operation, and that was last December. Except the few occasions when hubby sat next to me and we drove to the shops, just so I don’t ‘forget’ how to drive. So it was okay. The only nerve-wrecking part was driving with hubby behind me. He was in his car and insisted on following my car up to his exit near the toll. I kept looking at my rearview mirror to make sure he was behind me at all times. That was unnecessary actually, but it’s a habit of mine. Whenever I lead someone in my car, I’ll always look to check if the person following me is ok and within sight.

Yesterday it rained a bit on the way home. We were driving home and I saw this car, which for nothing made me really really, and I mean really, mad. The reason was simple. This car was driving with its hazard light on. Ugh, that really gets to me.

So, to all motorists who drive with their hazard lights on:
Didn’t you learn this in driving school? Never drive with the hazard lights on? The lights indicate that the car is stationary. So only use them when you stop, you fool.

And even if you’ve never paid attention in driving school, haven’t you heard this many times before? It’s been drummed into your heads. Always Priscilla Patrick (traffic updates) reminds us never to drive with the hazard lights on. But as soon as there is heavy rain, you put on your hazard lights. Why? WHY???? Get this simple fact branded into your brains already. Sheesh….


xig said...

I'm irked as much. My pet peeve is drivers who NEVER use their indicator lights when turning, changing lanes, driving off from roadside parking, whatever. A simple litmus test of a developed nation is when its drivers use the indicators as a force of habit, even on a deserted highway at 3 a.m. Then again, M'sian driving habits is merely a part of the larger civil (dis)courtesy we sadly display. It's a long road to 2020 ...

mudslinger said...

they must think that the indicators are there for design purposes only.