Friday, August 19

Wanted: New brains

I can’t believe it. I don’t know how to write no more. Case in point: Use of double negatives in the previous sentence. I’m an English major for goodness sakes. I am supposed to be able to teach the language to secondary school students. Operative word here being ‘supposed’ cause I don’t. I was let off the hook from the Ministry and so I am now doing other things, but am still in an academic environment. But I digress….

I need to write this piece and my audience is Form Five students. Easy peasy, right? Wrong! I have been drilled and imprinted with the ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ of writing. I learnt about main ideas, supporting details, topic sentences, etc. So why, why is this so difficult for me? My brain doesn’t seem to want to cooperate. Instead, I have (un)consciously done other things to keep me away from my writing assignment. I have straightened out my desk: updated all info into my schedule, planned all meetings, printed minutes and papers, filed all ‘file-able’ documents, re-arranged all folders in the file cabinet, replied to all email, and even downloaded music. I’ve done everything BUT the assignment. Maybe I’m too excited and my brain can’t contain itself, and so it’s shutting down from doing any major ‘thinking’ task.

My brain is thinking:
“Yeah, Friday evening! No more work!”

My nose is thinking:
“Oooh, weekend is so close, can smell it now….”

My eyes are thinking:
“Alright! Friday already. Tonight’s the night. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Feast for the eyes!”

I’m thinking:
“I give up! You guys take control of this body! I’m tired of trying to do my best for everyone. Trying to satisfy all your needs. Working my butt off (sorry butt), working my butt off trying to give each and every one of you the time to rest and time to play. Why don’t you guys give me a break and do what I say for a change?”

I am sick.
Can’t you tell already?

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