Friday, August 5

Native Island Fishmongers

Yesterday after work, hubby and I made our way to Pyramid to catch The Island. We really looked forward to it, as it was Michael Bay’s. But then we were not certain if we should since hubby said that the film didn’t get good reviews in the papers. I say, never rely on others’ reviews because you never know. You might enjoy the movie. Plus, going back to our first point, it was Michael Bay! I mean, Michael Bay – the heavyweight behind bad Boys I & II, Armageddon, The Rock, and I heard the new Transformers movie. We watched it and got lost and caught up and tossed, and we came out of the cinema feeling good because we enjoyed The Island.

While we were at Pyramid, we went to the surau to perform our Maghrib prayers. I was really mad with some of the people there. There I was performing prayers and there were these people talking in the surau. Hello?!? It’s a surau. If you want to pray, fine, but if you want to talk, please be a bit more considerate and leave the place. What happened to respect, or even common sense? They weren’t whispering or talking in low hushed tones. Oh no. They think that everyone should hear of their exploits with so-and-so and what happened at work and where they went shopping. Oh definitely, everyone in the surau was just dying to know where they bought that adorable hairband. Oh, and could you please also tie up each other’s hair and laugh and giggle loudly please? I’m sure all of us there went to the surau just to see your antics. You stupid imbecile childish loudmouthed no mannered yammering yaks!

Lucky me it was dinner time. We went to the Manhattan Fish Market (MFM), which hubby insists on calling Fish Monger! Whatever… I had the flaming prawns. Yummy, but while the crew was flaming it for me, she sort of burned bits of my garlic rice so there was a burnt taste. But that was soon overpowered by the creamy prawns.

My only grouse was that we were chasing after time as our movie was at 8.45pm. We wolfed down the food, not having enough minutes to savour the whole experience. Ah well, there’s always another day at the fish market. I mean fish monger…. Heh!

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