Thursday, August 25

Survival of the Bluest

Took a walk across campus today. Well, didn’t intentionally go out for a walk, but just happened to go pass two buildings, and saw some crows flying above. They were going ‘craw-craw’ or whatever sound it was that they made. It was really windy out. The clouds were gray and the wind was swooshing everywhere. It was quite a sight. Feast for the ears too. The leaves went swishing, whispering and swaying and dancing.

Wish I could take a picture. But alas, I am still one of those people who are still stuck in the early 90’s in terms of technology and high tech paraphernalia. It was only yesterday that my brother asked me, “So when are you going to get one of these?” referring to the camera / PDA / bluetooth / GPRS / everything-but-the-kitchen-sink handphone ad on tv. I just went, “Heh, no money.”

I hear people complaining that their phones cannot take clear pictures because of not hi-res lah, low-pixel lah, whatever complaint lah,… and I roll my eyes. Hubby and I still have phones with the blue screens okay! How’s that for old? All our brothers and sisters (in-laws included) have cool (read: expensive) phones. Heck, my brother even has two! And since we are so left behind, we are known as the blue-screen fogies. The old couple. The really pathetic people who can’t even get polyphonic ringtones. Hahahahaha!

My handphone… I love you, blue-screen and all….


james said...

i seriously resent the term "blue-screen fogies".

mudslinger said...

seriously resent as in "really really hate"? but why?
it's just a term, don't mean nothing ; )
and btw, thanks for stopping by.