Monday, October 31

12th Day - 16/10/2005 (Sunday)

Miraculously, I have a good sound sleep. I awake around 6.30a.m. and scramble to eat my two antibiotic tables, which needed to be taken at 6a.m. Well, I do not really know if it’s 6.30 because I don’t have a watch but I guess that it must be after six as the nurse normally comes around at 5.50 to deliver the medicine. For the first time, I do not wake up when the nurse entered my room. That is some deep sleep!

Today I take off the plaster and gauze at my right thigh and neck. The one on my thigh leaves behind a sticky white residue. Hmm, I’m going to need baby oil to get this out. The one at my neck is clean though. I look at myself in the mirror and see that I’ve been demoted from Vampire Slayer to just plain vampire victim. Haha!

I am happy it is Sunday. Hubby comes at about 11 a.m. and tells me later his mama, papa, and sister Ilyana will come to visit me. Ooh, many visitors today.

Before my in-laws arrive, my mama and brother Saufi come to see me. Mama brings oranges with her, all cut and ready for me to eat. Mmm, juicy! We talk about the latest goings-on, and I hear about my sister Adora. She’s having her exams now. She’s in her first year of Law at UIA.

My in-laws arrive and it’s great fun for me to have so many people around. The two mamas talk about their health and their children. My sis-in-law then goes to visit her friend who’s also admitted into this hospital.

After my mama and brother leave, ma in-laws start telling stories about our little niece, Tengku Khadeeja. She is now 2 months old and growing so fast. I miss singing to her, as she’s such a beautiful baby. My papa-in-law tells more funny stories and we all laugh hysterically, me especially. It feels good to laugh out like that. Makes me feel so much healthier.

After they leave, hubby and I talk about all the music that we used to listen to during our years in UM. We talk about artistes and soundtracks, and make fun and laugh at the other’s choice of music.

Two doctors come to check up on me to see if I were still okay with going to a final-year medical students’ practical examination. I have earlier promised that I would be free to assist. Heck, it’s not like I’m going any place anyway. They tell me that I will be sent upstairs at 7.30a.m. tomorrow and advise me to bring a sweater as it is extra cold up there. It is then decided that my mama would come after Subuh tomorrow morning to bring me my sweater. I call her and she says she will be at the hospital by 6.45a.m.

Hubby breaks his fast at the hospital. We eat together for the first time in almost two weeks. My mama-in-law has given us a Dunkin Donuts sandwich each, and some honey-roasted chicken with French fries and coleslaw.

Hubby leaves after finishing his dinner. We say our lengthy goodbyes, peppered with ‘take care’ and ‘drive carefully’. After being left alone, I start flipping through a magazine that Ilyana has kindly let me borrow. It’s a Singapore edition of Elle. I flip through the whole magazine and read some of the articles.

Since I did not nap the whole day, falling asleep is much easier. Finding, finally, a comfortable position, I doze right off.

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