Monday, October 31

21st Day - 25/10/2005 (Tuesday)

Same old, same old. I wake up at 6a.m. when the nurses go on their rounds. I sleep again and wake at 7.45 when they come to make my bed.

Hubby leaves for work at 8.30a.m. I watch tv till my Prof comes. She tells me that my fever is gone. My blood and lungs are all okay. She tells me the most wonderful news ever – I can go home tomorrow! I am ecstatic. I call hubby to tell him the good news. He has to go to the university to get the original GL from the HR Division. He calls me later to inform me that he has already taken the letter. I am relieved. I cannot wait to go home. I’ve been away for 3 whole weeks already!

I watch more tv. While watching The Bruce Lee Story, the rain disrupts the signal on Astro and the service is temporarily unavailable. I take a nap to pass the time. Anyway, I get drowsy everytime I take the cough syrup and the cold tablet.

Hubby arrives, bringing Cheezels with him. I love Cheezels. We spend the time watching two movies – Ark and Ever After. We finally sleep at about 1.30a.m.

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