Sunday, October 30

3rd Day - 7/10/2005 (Friday)

I am awakened by the nurses who wash me again with cold water. After getting dressed I find that it is only 5a.m. It seems customary for the HDW nurses to bathe patients and change the bed linen at this oh-so-early hour. Then they allow us to sleep again till breakfast, which is at about 7a.m. I find no difficulty in going back to sleep. Sleep is the only thing that I do, it seems at the moment.

The specialists decide that they needed to do two main things: poke me in the neck and force a tube into my thigh. I am to get a line started at my neck, so that medication can be given straight to the heart. I am also getting a special kind of 24-hour dialysis, so a catheter needs to be inserted into my right thigh, going straight into the kidney.

Getting the line in my neck is not that terrible really. All the doctor has to do is poke my jugular. Haha! Well, I think I am given some sort of local anaesthesia but I’m not really sure. I think there was one for the catheter on my thigh. I hear the doctor mention stitches and I cringe a little at the thought. But hey, I do not feel a thing. Now I have a line, another catheter at the right side of my neck, with three separate tubes. I feel like Buffy the Vampire Slayer with all her amulets around her neck. “Muddy the Virus Slayer”. Hmmm…. Somehow it does not have any commercial ring to it. Haha!

The visiting hours here are from 12.30 to 2p.m. and 4.30 to 7p.m. Hubby normally comes after work, but whenever possible, he will also visit during lunch.

I still feel like I’m in a dream. Everything seems surreal. I slip into and out of slumber at any given time.

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