Monday, October 31

16th Day - 20/10/2005 (Thursday)

I awaken at about 6a.m. to take my antibiotics and the nurse comes to check my blood sugar level. I fall back to sleep and get up at 7a.m. when breakfast is served. I am glad it is morning already, so I don’t have to lie in bed all the time. As per routine, I plait my hair and today is my best effort so far.

A nurse comes in to tell me that there is a room available at Sutera Ward upstairs, and asks if it would be okay. It’s bigger than the other rooms and cost RM160 per night. I say it would be okay. However, they need a new GL from the university, so I tell her that I will inform the HR Office. I call my friend Layla to ask for HR’s number. She calls me back as I’m low on credit. We talk for a while. She asks me if I have heard the news about our PM’s wife. Datin Seri Endon has passed away at 7.55 a.m. this morning. May Allah let her rest in peace.

Layla tells me that she will inform HR for me, and for that I am grateful. Layla also informs me that my faculty office colleagues are having a majlis berbuka puasa and doa selamat for Kak Lin’s baby and I. They have invited Layla and other Corporate Comms people, but Layla doesn’t know who will be going. When I hear this, I feel so deeply touched. They are all too kind. May Allah bless them all. I call Roni from the faculty and tell her to call me back from my extension. We talk for a while I am happy to have been able to speak to 2 friends today. Makes me happy.

I am told that I will be moved to the Special Wards at Level 7. However before I am allowed to go, I have to settle the bills. I ask about my GL from the university. It seems that the GL was only used for the first night’s stay and it has already been processed. Therefore I needed to settle the bills first. I am so glad I have my credit card with me. The student nurses bring me to the Finance Counter to make the payments. Whoa! For the 16 days, and all those tests, I have to pay more than RM1,600. I will need to explain this to my HR Division.

As soon as I get back to my room, I am told to pack so that I can be sent upstairs. I am happy to go. I thank my doctors and the nurses as I pass them on my way out. I am sent to Room 11, in Sutera Ward.

Lying down in bed, I watch a Harrison Ford movie on Astro’s Star Movies. I’ve seen the movie before, but decide to watch it again, as I’d enjoyed it the first time around. It’s called Random Hearts. The movie ends at about 3p.m. I switch channels and watch TV3. I realise that they are showing a ‘live’ telecast of the funeral proceedings of Allahyarhamah Datin Seri Endon. I watch the goings-on and before you know it, tears stream down my face. I am saddened by her demise. May Allah let her soul rests in peace. I watch tv right till the end of the telecast, which is at about 6.40p.m.

Hubby arrives at this time and brings KFC with him. Hurray! I get a Zinger burger and cheesy wedges. We eat together. Tonight, hubby will sleep over and I am happy.

That night we watch tv together. Then hubby leaves for tarawikh prayers. I watch Hope Floats, starring Sandra Bullock, and when hubby returns, we watch a musical made-for-tv movie starring Kelly Clarkson and that Justin guy from American Idol. I sleep at about midnight, while hubby prepares himself for some prayers and recitation of the Quran.

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