Sunday, October 30

4th Day - 8/10/2005 (Saturday)

I am wakened for the usual morning wash. I fall asleep soon after. I get up again and hubby is there. I tell him that my left shoulder feels sore, like I’ve been sleeping on a rock. It seems that the nurses have somehow put a huge half-circle thingy under my shoulder. My hubby removes it and places it at the top corner of the mattress. The device actually connects all the wires from my chest and finger, and monitors the vital signs, and shows them at the screen on my left. My right arm by the way is wrapped with the Velcro-thingy and it automatically pumps and checks my BP every hour. This, too, shows in the screen.

The left side of my neck and my left shoulder throb with pain. But there is nothing I can do except lie in bed. That’s all I ever seem to do.

I also have to start eating now. I am served porridge with some chicken and vegetable side dishes. I only manage 2 spoons.

Hubby’s aunt, Cik Nor and her husband Uncle Shahrail come to see me. Hubby does most of the talking.

Before you know it, it’s time for hubby to go home. I sleep and sleep….

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