Monday, October 31

20th Day - 24/10/2005 (Monday)

Today I will be alone. Hubby goes off to work from here. He leaves at about 8.30a.m. Mama says she will come see me with my sister Adora today. I wait for their arrival.

My Prof comes to check on me and informs me that my kidney is okay. All my blood levels are back on track. Basically, I should be able to leave in a few days. I am happy to hear this. However, she wants me to do repeat tests for my blood and urine. She also wants me to get a chest x-ray, since I’m coughing and all.

Mama and Adora arrive. We chat non-stop about many things. My sis tells me about her attachment next April. She will be going to the Magistrate Court at Jalan Sultan Abdul Samad. Then I ask her about the Legal System in Malaysia and she explains to me the various courts and their jurisdiction. And she’s only in her first year. I hope she’ll be the best that she can be. We’ve never had any lawyers in our family yet.

My sister Aqilah comes to the hospital from school. We talk, the four of us, and it’s good times for me. At about 2.30p.m., an attendant comes with a wheelchair to take me for my x-ray. I tell mama not to leave yet. I return 20 minutes later and we talk some more. Then mama says they have to leave soon, so again I am left alone. After my tea break, I take a nap.

Hubby arrives, carrying his packet of rice for berbuka. After he eats and showers, he performs the Maghrib prayers. I tell him that I can hear thunder. He goes out to check and sure enough, the thunderous clouds promise heavy rain. He decides to perform the tarawikh here instead.

At about 10p.m., we watch Urban Legend for the I-don’t-know-how-many-eth-number of times. After the movie ends, I get another ‘Kool Fever’ patch plastered on my forehead, and I fall asleep immediately.

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