Monday, October 31

7th Day - 11/10/2005 (Tuesday)

Again I wake feeling sore. I’ve tried sleeping in various positions, with and without a pillow and still I feel pain.

Like yesterday, I receive visitors from my previous department and this time Mazwan comes with Mieza and Dr Beik. We chat and Dr Beik tells a joke. After that hubby arrives. I am so excited at seeing him. While he’s with me, some lecturers from the Faculty come. Kak Liza, Kak Intan, Kak Shima and En Kamarul are here. They bring a huge basket of fruits from the 4 of them and Ms Mariati, who could not make it to the hospital. I thank them for coming. They say that they heard about me from my faculty colleagues, so they too decide to come visit. Thank you so much you guys….

After Kak Intan and Kak Liza leave, the nurses give me the antibiotic again. The one that gives me cramps. This time, something worse happens. My legs get cramps, my heart beats too fast, and my head immediately throbs. It feels like bursting! I scream for my husband. At first he does nothing but massages my legs. Why does he look at me like that? Do something! I can’t breathe properly. At that time I feel like I am going to pass out at any moment. I scream again and again, afraid that he doesn’t hear me. He gets up and finds the nurse. He tells her of my reaction to the antibiotics. The nurse promises to inform the doctor to change it. The nurse puts me back on the oxygen tube and I breathe easier. At this time, Kak Shima and En Kamarul pop in just to say goodbye and they leave.

A while later, Nawi and Juliana, together with Rashidah and Alia from the Faculty come visit me. They say that they heard the office people came to the hospital to visit me, and it was then they knew I had been admitted into the hospital. I want to thank all of you for being here. It means a lot to me. Thanks guys!

Hubby stays by my side till he absolutely has to go. I am thankful for such a loving husband, who cares for me a lot, at times, even more than I do myself.

After he leaves, the Chinese nurse asks me if I would like to read a comic. Seeing that I am bored out of my wits, I agree. So I spend the rest of the day reading a Malay comic, which under normal circumstances I will not even consider reading. The Chinese nurse also tells me that she will shampoo my hair tomorrow morning. She has informed me yesterday to remind me to get shampoo from hubby. The shampoo bottle is now in my drawer.

I read the comic with difficulty at first. All the words merge into one another and seem to swim around the page. It has been a week since I last read anything. My eyes need time to focus. This seems like eternity. When my eyes can focus, I only manage to read a little bit at one time though.

Nothing else happens that day. I fall asleep late again. Now I seem to be coughing a lot at night. I ask for some cough medicine. Since the HDW doesn’t have any, I have to wait for the medicine to be sent from another ward. After the medicine takes its effect, my eyelids feel heavy and I doze off.

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