Sunday, October 30

1st Day - 5/10/2005 (Wednesday)

Have an appointment with the surgeon today. It’s been two weeks since my last visit. I don’t feel too fantastic at the moment. I have a headache that feels like a wheelbarrow of bricks is weighing my mind. Hubby and I wait anxiously for the doctor. While waiting I regurgitate all my breakfast into a plastic bag. Ugh! Foul tasting bits in my mouth. The nurse gives me some warm water to drink and I feel a bit better.

Upon seeing my condition the doctor immediately asks the nurse to admit me into one of their wards at Level 7. At that time, my temperature was 40 degrees! What happens after that is a complete blur, a series of scenes at times overlapping in my memory.

I remember shivering and being put to bed. At times I see the same dreams taking place over and over again, weaving aimlessly in and out. My head is floating and then I fall back into deep slumber. I recall a sponge bath with honest-to-goodness ice cubes in the sterile looking steel bowls. I hear the clanking of the ice cubes and remember little else.

The nurses tell my husband that I need to bring my temperature down. So that means I have to sleep “berkemban” in the air-conditioned room. Sometime during the night, I could not tolerate it anymore, so I pull the covers tightly around me.

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