Monday, October 31

15th Day - 19/10/2005 (Wednesday)

I sleep all the way to 7a.m., only waking up earlier at 1a.m and 4.30a.m. for trips to the bathroom, and at 6a.m. for my antibiotics. I have breakfast which is tasteless, and then plait my hair. All this has become my morning ritual. Those who know me at work will definitely agree if I say I like to see order in things. Don’t believe me, just visit my workstation and my cubicle. There’s a place for everything. I like to see things neatly put away. That’s why I have a huge portion of my desk to write on. Even my pencil holder has different compartments and contains different categories of items. So it’s no wonder that even when I’m sick in thishospital, in this room especially, I still try to keep things tidy.

I could believe that after I have slept for some time, I can still take a nap. But a yawn escapes my mouth and a nap I take.

A while later, a doctor comes to take my blood for a blood culture test, I don’t know what it’s called. She brings along 3 third-year students with her as they have never seen one being done before. The drawing of this blood is different from the usual ones you see. This one requires everything to be completely sterile. Extra effort and care have to be put in to make sure the doctor only touches the necessary items.

I sit up in bed and do some breathing exercises. At about 1.45p.m., one of the doctors comes and tells me that they would like to move me to the Special Wards on Level 7. Since there’s nothing wrong with me, my Prof wants me upstairs to rest. And they will start me on two new drugs – one to bring down my platelet count and one for iron chelation. I need to get rid of all the excess iron in my body, so that there is a lower risk of liver dysfunction or in the worst-case-scenario, heart failure. I tell the doctor that I will talk to my hubby and let him know a bit later in the afternoon.

Immediately I call my hubby, who says that it would be good to go to Level 7. Over there, he can sleepover with me in the room, albeit on a padded mat on the floor. I cheer up at the prospect. Plus, there’s a tv in each room, and we get some Astro channels like Astro Ria and Star Movies. Then I wouldn’t be so bored.

My mama and sister Aqilah come to see me. I tell them the news. During mama’s visit, the doctor tells me that the Special Wards upstairs are all full and a bed may be available tomorrow. So tomorrow it is then. Mama and Aqilah leave at about 3.45 p.m. the sky outside looks grey, promising a downpour soon.

Hubby arrives very late today. After Asar prayers and buying rice for the both of us, he finally walks through my door at 6.30p.m. I have missed him terribly. He promises to see me tomorrow evening at Level 7. InsyaAllah…. He informs me that Friday is a holiday as it is Nuzul Quran. This means that he can spend the whole day plus the weekend with me. I am excited at the thought. He leaves and again I am left alone. I might sleep early tonight too.

I really hope there’s a room for me up there tomorrow. I would very much prefer to rest upstairs. I fall asleep close to 9.45p.m., waking up at 10.30p.m. and midnight for bathroom breaks.

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