Monday, October 31

19th Day - 23/10/2005 (Sunday)

Today being Sunday, hubby gets to spend the whole day with me. After the morning routine is over and done with, we talk a little while watching tv. Sometimes hubby would recite the Quran or read the Surrah Yassin on the sofa next to me.

I nap now and then, watching more tv with hubby. Nobody comes to visit today. It’s okay. Before you know it, it’s 5p.m. and hubby leaves for his parents’ house.

I eat dinner alone at 6p.m. I sit on my bed and watch more tv. I see that they’re showing Armageddon and I settle down in bed to watch it. Hubby comes in at about 9.30p.m. and sees me in tears. He looks quizzically at me, looks at the tv, and remarks, “It’s only a movie lah….” And I reply with “I know, but it’s so sad….”

After the movie, I drink a cup of Milo. Hubby applies the ‘Kool Fever’ patch on my forehead and I sleep while listening to him recite some verses from the Quran.

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