Monday, October 31

18th Day - 22/10/2005 (Saturday)

The routine of every morning is carried out. I really want to go home, but I know it is not time yet. I hope I get to go home before Friday. My in-laws will be getting back to Kelantan on Saturday and I would really like to meet them before they leave.

Today my mama and brother Saufi come to visit me. It’s nice to hear about home. After they leave, both of us watch more tv.

After Asar, at about 5p.m. hubby leaves for his parents’ house. This will be their last weekend before going back to Kota Bahru next week. I assure hubby that I’ll be fine alone.

Since I’ve been moved here, I have had a terrible cough and cold. So, every time after I take my medicine, I get drowsy. I will normally fall in and out of sleep, taking several short naps during the day. My coughing gets worse at night. Hubby promises to buy ‘Kool Fever’ for me to put on my forehead to reduce my temperature.

Hubby returns close to 10p.m. and we both watch The Day After Tomorrow, which is like our 2nd or 3rd time. I get drowsy after my 10p.m. medication. At midnight, hubby applies the ‘Kool Fever’ patch on my forehead. I fall asleep while he performs some prayers next to my bed.

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