Monday, October 31

6th Day - 10/10/2005 (Monday)

I am awakened and immediately feel throbbing in my neck and left shoulder. Oh, when will this ever go away? Soon I hope.

During the first visiting hours, I receive some visitors. My colleagues from my last department, Corporate Comms., come to see me. Pn Shahidah, my then superior, comes with Kak Liza, Layla, Mazwan and Om Karini. I am so happy to see them, albeit 2 at a time. They pass me the original Guarantee Letter (GL) from the University. I am so thankful that the University will be paying for all the expenses. Hubby comes too, and stays until it is time to go.

My colleagues from the faculty also come to see me – Razlina, Cynthia, Roni, Rena, Zam, Kak Adz, and Din. I am delighted to see them. They tell me that Izzaty sends her regards. They are quite surprised to see the condition that I am in. I am glad they come. Thank you guys!

In this ward, I try not to think too much. I sleep and concentrate on getting better. Sometimes, certain song lyrics would pop into my head and stay, playing the same parts over and over like a broken record. I tell this to hubby and he tells me to stop thinking about songs. It is Ramadhan, so perhaps I should “berzikir” and give praises to Allah. I agree that what he says is right, but sometimes it takes effort to shut out the songs. The two songs I always hear in my head are Allahyarham Sudirman’s Merisik Khabar and Jamal Abdillah’s Kekasih Awal dan Akhir. So now anytime my mind wanders, I will start some zikirs instead.

Sometimes I get terrible cramps in my legs afer they give me one of the antibiotics. I yell for the nurse when I get these cramps and one of them will help me flex my feet. I am drained by now and I lie awake. Around me patients are sleeping. I fall asleep sometime after midnight.

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