Monday, October 31

14th Day - 18/10/2005 (Tuesday)

I awake to eat the medicine left by the nurse. It is about 6.20 a.m. okay, that’s not so bad. I only get up once at 3 a.m. to go to the bathroom. Well, looks like there’s no going back to sleep.

I actually look forward to this morning’s cup of hot Nescafe. Breakfast is served at 7a.m. daily without fail. That’s when the nurses also go rounds changing bed linen and giving patients a clean pair of outfit. It’s not like you can make some sort of fashion statement. Everyone gets the same pair of purple button down top and either sarong or pants.

Breakfast is a bit of a disappointment. It’s tasteless Chinese style fried rice and very bitter Nescafe. Even after stirring in two sachets of sugar, the drink leaves a bitter taste in the mouth.

I flip through the magazine again. Halfway through, my team of doctors come for their rounds. They say that all my vital levels are stable and improving. However, the low grade fever of 37 to 38 degrees makes them want to repeat some tests. If all is well, after another 24 hour observation period, I may be discharged. Hurray! This means that I may go home tomorrow. One of the doctors suggests that perhaps my fever is nothing more than a result of being homesick. The other doctors laugh and say that it is possible.

As soon as they leave, I call hubby to tell him the news. Then I call mama and spend some minutes talking to her. I stop when lunch arrives. After lunch, I decide to call my grandma. I talk to her for 27 minutes! Checking my credit, I see that I have 41 sen left. My my…. I sms hubby to tell him that I have little credit left and he is to call me if there were anything urgent.

The nurse comes in and gives me the urine sample bottle. She tells me that they need to send it in before 5p.m., or else they can only send it in tomorrow. It’s only 1p.m. now. As if I won’t pee. I am going to now. There’s no way I am going to delay my own going-home.

I flip through the magazine again to see if I’ve missed anything. My goodness! I’ve read everything, except the ads for beauty products, which I have no interest in. then, one doctor comes to take my blood for the tests one last time (I hope). Urine sample has been taken. So has my blood. I remain positive that I would be discharged tomorrow.

I lie down and take a nap, only to awaken half an hour later for a trip to the bathroom. Now what? I feel a bit bored out of my wits. I decide to do some of the breathing exercises that the physiotherapist has taught me. Then I look out the window – the one above my head – and see the blue sky with two huge white clouds slowly floating by. These oversized marshmallows look a little grey on the undersides. Whatever final destination they are headed for will surely be blessed with lots of rain.

I try not to nap so much, for fear of being unable to sleep tonight. I sit on my bed and think about the prospects of going home tomorrow. I still remain positive.

I think about my friends at work. If my mama hears me talk about work at this point, she’ll probably slaughter me. Hahaha! How can I not think of work? I’ve been gone for two weeks! I enjoy what I do, I have wonderful and amiable colleagues, and I enjoy spending time with all of them. I feel bad sometimes, knowing that when I am not there, someone else has to assist and take over. May Allah bless all of them for their patience when dealing with my work.

I lie down and look out the window on my left. Huge clouds loom in the distance. Their graceful fluid movements make me realise how small and insignificant we all are on this planet. And that doesn’t take into account the many planets and distant galaxies in the universe. MasyaAllah!

After the huge clouds disappear from my view, I watch little wisps trailing behind. These wisps puff into cotton balls in a matter of seconds. Watching clouds go by is therapeutic. They provide entertainment for me this afternoon. See, it is times like these that you appreciate the things that are always taken for granted. Sometimes we are all too caught up in trying to find a balance at home and at work that we forget simple things like watching clouds go by. My advice is to take some time to stop and stare. It stimulates you mentally and spiritually.

Hubby comes and immediately my spirits soar. We talk about what the doctors tell me in great detail. Then he goes downstairs to buy chicken rice for the both of us. We talk some more till it is time to break fast, and gain I eat with him. Soon after, it is time for me to leave. He tells me that he will call me tonight, and that he will see me at home tomorrow evening. InsyaAllah….

I sit for a while as I want to sleep when I’m really really sleepy. I fell a little though. Maybe I’ll wait for hubby to call and then go to sleep. A while later he calls. I tell him that I’m sleepy, so I request for him not to call me after tarawikh prayers, which normally ends around 10.30p.m. I promise him if I’m not asleep at 11p.m., I will call him.

Alas, I fall asleep sometime after 9.30p.m.

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