Monday, October 31

17th Day - 21/10/2005 (Friday)

The nurses come to take my BP and temperature. I seem to still have a low-grade fever. Today hubby will spend the whole day with me. He helps me with my breakfast and makes sure that I eat. It’s cold in this room, so hubby always adjusts the temperature for me.

Up here, I don’t do much except take short naps, watch tv and eat. They serve us 4 times here – breakfast, lunch, tea, and dinner. And we get Milo here instead of Nescafe. Since today is Friday, hubby goes to a nearby mosque for Friday prayers.

Sometime after 2p.m., the nurse informs me that I have to go for an echo Doppler test, where they check my heart. I call hubby and tell him to just wait for my return in the room later.

The nurse brings me to the place where a doctor uses a machine, just like getting an ultrasound alone. At one point I look at the screen and actually see my heart pumping. I could even see the valves and the chambers clearly. MasyaAllah! Only Allah can create such a ‘machine’.

I come back to my room and see hubby reading a magazine. We spend the time just talking and watching tv together. Sometimes both of us will take naps – me on the bed and he on the sofa. Poor hubby. Sometimes I hesitate to call out to him for help because he looks like he really needs the sleep.

I eat dinner at 6 p.m. and at 7.02, hubby breaks his fast. Again he goes for tarawikh prayers at a nearby mosque. He comes back a bit after 10p.m. while I am watching Love Actually. We spend the night watching the movie, while I try to explain to him who’s who since he missed the first few minutes. I sleep at about 12.30.

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