Sunday, October 30

5th Day - 9/10/2005 (Sunday)

The routine goes on today. Same old, same old. My sore shoulder feels like its being pulled down by a tonne of bricks. I find that trying to get in a comfortable position is impossible.

I’m glad that hubby is here. Being in a place with all the sick people is very depressing. My parents-in-law come visit me. We talk for a while. Then my brother Saufi and sister Aqilah come. Mama could not come along because she has sprained her back. I feel sad to hear this.

Nothing much happens. Nothing much can happen anyway, since there can only be 6 patients in this ward at any one time. I talk to hubby and he massages my shoulder. He coaxes me to eat, but the most that I can eat is about 5 tablespoons of porridge.

Then, hubby’s sister Nurin and her husband Fahmy come to visit. They bring along a basket of fruits and flowers. I ask her about her baby and she tells me of Khadeeja’s antics. She’s still a little baby.

After they leave, the nurses tell my hubby that flowers are not allowed in the ward, so he has to bring them home. However, I eat some grapes first, which are crunchy and yummy!

Then hubby leaves and I sleep. Or tried to anyway…. I finally doze off late at night.

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